BROEN Ballomax® Floating Ball Valves

Natural gas

BROEN Ballomax® Floating Ball Valves

Our BROEN Ballomax® Floating Ball Valves are the best choice when it comes to steel ball valves for Natural Gas Distribution Systems.

  • All welded body, floating ball valves
  • Manufactured from the same pipe material as your pipeline, they can be used in below ground or above ground applications
  • Valves come in the most comprehensive range in the industry with a vast variety of features: all sizes, with all options of end connections and operators, short and long pattern, with concave balls or straight balls, either regular port or full port
  • All valves serial numbered for full traceability
  • All valves tested per API 6D
  • Key features:
    • Pressure classes: 285 PSI (ANSI 150), 500 PSI, 740 PSI (ANSI 300)
    • 304 Stainless Steel Balls and Stem on all valves; Carbon steel body
    • Locking Plate with POWERSTOPS™ (600 ft/lbs)
    • Seats of 25% Carbonized PTFE (Teflon™) (G-453) rated to -20F service

Broen also offers the unique Ballomax Ballotap valve for hot tapping applications. The Ballotap Valves is designed with a Weld End and a Threaded End that accepts a special BALLOTAP™ Threaded Flange (removable) for use in tapping under pressure of natural gas pipelines.

This special valve works with all common Drilling and Tapping machines currently on the market. O-Ring seal in flange allows for pressure testing of weld prior to tapping.

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