District Energy

BROEN BALLOMAX® Ball Valves for district energy

For decades BROEN BALLOMAX® has been synonym of ball valves for District Energy service in Europe. We have been pioneers in this industry and our valves have been known for their reliability and long life. We are now ready for the next step, which is introducing our valves into the North American market.

We strongly believe that District Energy is a key piece of the energy puzzle, allowing for efficiency, reliability, and reduced carbon emissions. In North America the role of District Energy will grow more and more in the coming years. Be ready for the new wave of District Energy projects that we expect to happen.

From our new facility in Houston, TX we can provide valves with quick deliveries. We have a team fully dedicated to supporting you with technical information and with our custom solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us.

We have a comprehensive offering that includes the BROEN BALLOMAX® floating ball valves and the trunnion mounted ones, up to 36”. We can supply valves with stem extensions, extended pups, actuators and gear operators, and endless configurations to meet your most demanding needs.

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District energy valve selection guide

District energy valve selection guide
What should you consider when choosing a valve for district energy? We have answered that question in our new guide, describing a number of parameters that you should take into account to avoid mistakes.

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